Brendan SOLVE Scanlon
1984 - 2008
by Ben Bauman
on the public art wall provided by
Mother Fool's Coffeehouse
Williamson at Ingersoll, Madison, Wisconsin
The photographs at the following links illustrate Ben's creation of the work.

  August 10, 2008 - The work starts - Ben with an artist friend of his.

  August 11, 2008 - The work progresses.

  August 13, 2008 - It begins to take shape.

  August 14, 2008 - Ben brings us that beautiful smile.

  August 15, 2008 - Ben continues by the eyes.

  August 16, 2008 - Ben finishes up under the guiding eyes of painter/artist Paul.

August 17, 2008 - Brendan
SOLVE sign from wall in Chicago

From the bottom of their hearts, Brendan's family thanks
Ben for proposing the art and creating it and
Mother Fool's for providing its wall for this and other public art.

Please send comments to Scanlon-McGlynns at Sofinetheface dot org

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